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JKop Trade Sp. z o.o.

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Cooperation section


We invite cosmetics stores, online shops and wholesalers that appreciate premium-quality products with unique ingredients to do business with the Inveray brand. We are the first to use formulas with marine bamboo – the most effective ingredient that helps to protect the skin from photoageing. Inveray is a brand with an innovative  approach and sophisticated product formulas. We follow the trends and meet the needs of women. Our products will be a valuable addition to your offering to help you stand out on the market. If you want to work with us, please contact us.


We invite spa clinics, wellness centers, beauty salons, manicure parlors and hotels that appreciate quality, unique products, and a luxurious feel to do business with Inveray. Thanks to Inveray cosmetics, body care treatments will become even more special, and customers will be glad to revisit the places in which our products are used. Feel free to contact us.

Contract manufacturing:

Inveray offers an entire range of contract manufacturing services, such as ready-made formulas created by an experienced team of process engineers and cosmetic manufacturing specialists. We have many years of experience in the cosmetics industry, and our past customers now have their own cosmetics brands with unique product compositions all around the world. If you want to learn more and do business with us, contact us.