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Winter couture by Inveray


Discover the enchanting collection of winter gel nail polishes, where each colour is like a snowflake—unique and full of elegance. These refined shades bring us to the world of winter fashion, inspiring the expression of individuality and experimentation with style. Let your nails tell the tale of snowy elegance, adding a touch of magic to your everyday look.

Award-winning gel polishes of the highest quality · Natural body care cosmetics · Rejuvenating hand cosmetics · Devices and tools

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INVERAY – a Polish producer of professional vegan gel polishes and building gels free from 12 commonly used sensitizing and irritating substances.

At Inveray, we want every nail stylist to be able to choose a product with the safest composition and the highest quality that will support her work, as well as protect and care for the skin of the hands and the nail plate.

The Inveray Laboratory has developed an innovative formula of 12-free-of gel polishes and building gels, which does not contain substances such as: HEMA, di-HEMA TMHDC, triphenyl phosphate, formaldehyde resin, ethyl tosylamide, formaldehyde, parabens, camphor, toulene, xylene, DBP, fragrances, while maintaining the highest quality and durability of gel polishes, UV/LED bases and tops, as well as builder gels.

Inveray’s offer also includes UV/lED bases and tops, each of which has been created in the 12-free-of formula. They are self-leveling and fill in unevenness in previously placed layers or the nail plate. As a manufacturer of nail polishes, we made sure that the manicure and pedicure made with our products retain their durability and shine for over 21 days.

Nasze oryginalne produkty ułatwiają wykonania manicure i zadbanie o powierzchnię paznokcia. Cechuje nas ekspresowa wysyłka!

Awards · Press

The Inveray brand has been awarded and appreciated many times in prestigious industry competitions, and above all by our customers.

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Care manicure, i.e. a new philosophy of performing gel manicure.

At Inveray, we approach the performance of manicures and pedicures comprehensively with care for the nail plate as well as for the cuticles and skin of the hands.

As the first manufacturer of gel polishes, we took care of a luxurious manicure based on the nutrition and protection of the nail plate. The Inveray Laboratory has created an innovative care technique during manicure and pedicure, which consists in dropping Inveray elixirs under the nail plate after the treatment. This unique process causes the nail plate to be rebuilt and regenerated very quickly. Also, after removing the styling, a drop of the elixir under and on the plate is enough for the nails to regain their beautiful appearance.

The care manicure is complemented by the spectacular Intensive Rebuilding Serum with a high content of Marine Bamboo. Marine Bamboo blocks the penetration of blue light rays (HEV), which is emitted, among others through the UV/LED lamp and protects against the accelerated photoaging process.


Click on the cover to view our catalog in PDF format online, you will find  information about our cosmetics and products, the catalog also includes a palette of available colors of gel polishes and tables of SKU / EAN codes You can also download the high-resolution catalog here:  DOWNLOAD (215 MB)
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We produce not only gel polishes, but also lotions and preparations for manicure and pedicure.

In accordance with the philosophy of care manicure, we made sure that the liquids and preparations needed for manicure and pedicure are of the highest quality.

Our offer also includes cuticle care olives, Cleaners, Removers, a cuticle softener, and products for disinfecting hands and surfaces in a beauty salon. As a manufacturer of both nail polishes, as well as liquids and preparations, we have an influence on the highest quality of raw materials and the best possible compositions of individual products.