Liquids & preparations

Cuticle Softener & Remover

Cuticle Softener & Remover pH 13 Alkaline Agent is an immediately softening water-based gel required for easier push-back of the cuticles. Product contains high concentration of glycerin and shows intensively hydrating action to cuticles.

Formulated as pH 13 product with potassium hydroxide alkaline agent which immediately softens the nail contour in order to allow efficient cuticle care.

Get the Softener & Remover for: quickly caring of dry ragged cuticles, hydrating, softening.

Nail Prep pH Equalizing Dehydrator

Nail Prep pH Equalizing Dehydrator is prep agent preparing natural nail plate for long lasting gel polish manicure. Perfectly degreases and cleanses the nail plate, so all the products placed on it stick tightly to natural nail plate.

Absolutely unique properties allow this product ensure that oils and grease are removed from the nail plate.

Get the Nail Prep pH Equalizing Dehydrator for: extending durability of gel manicure, increasing adhesion of gel polishes to natural nail plate, removing oils and grease from nail plate.

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Dehydrylator i Preparat do usuwania skórek


Dezyn DGU+

It is a vegan alcohol-free liquid intended for disinfecting and washing surfaces, as well as equipment in a beauty salon, i.e. desks, drilling machines or UV/LED lamps.

GDU+ disinfectant can be used for all surfaces and devices, including those that come into contact with food. It is perfect for disinfecting cosmetic desks / tables, hand rests, tools and drill machines, UV/LED lamps, cosmetic chairs, door handles, as well as mobile phones.

Each device and surface in a beauty salon can be disinfected using Dezyn GDU+.

Pro Hand Cleaner

It’s a vegan composition of sanitizing product with 60% highest quality alcohol content and special blend of moisturizes – kills 99,9% of bacteria. Contains pharmaceutical glycerin with strongly nourishing and moisturizing properties, soothing irritated skin.

Pro Hand Cleaner not only perfectly moisturizes, but also significantly firms the skin of the hands and reduces the feeling of roughness. After using the liquid, the hands are pleasantly smooth, soft and fragrant. Cocamidopropyl betaine contained inside effectively removes impurities, while preventing the growth of microorganisms on the skin surface. The product is easily absorbed and does not require the use of water. It brings an immediate feeling of comfort.

The available preparation for disinfecting hands will be suitable for both home and professional use – in beauty salons. The spray bottle ensures convenient application and keeps the product hygienic until the end.

The product has been dermatologically tested.

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Zestaw dezynfekcji dłoni


Cleaner Prep & Wipe Dehydrator

Cleaner Prep & Wipe Dehydrator is designed to prepare and finish nail manicure. Perfectly removes all residues and oily layer increasing product’s adhesion.

Product applicable to various methods: gel polish, acrylics and hard gel technique to remove tacky layer and leave nail surface perfectly shining.

Get the Cleaner for: preparing nail plate for manicure, removing residues and oily layer from nail plate, perfect dehydration, removing tacky layer, perfect shine after removing tacky layer. It’s applicable to various methods of nail design and has antibacterial properties.

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dehydrator do paznokci, dehydrator sklep

AVAILABLE CAPACITIES: 100 ml , 500 ml , 1000 ml

Polish Remover Nourishing Solution Gel-Off-Gel

Polish Remover Nourishing solution is a professional acetone-based soak-off liquid formulated to easily remove nail enhancement products. Quickly dissolves even thick layer of gel polish. Designed to keep nail plate healthy looking and protected against damages.

Doesn’t dry cuticle area.

Get the Remover for: removing gel polish in 5-10 minutes, quickly dissolving thick layer of gel polish, keeping nail plate nourished and healthy looking, doesn’t dry cuticles.

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AVAILABLE CAPACITIES: 100 ml , 500 ml , 1000 ml

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