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Baner wiosenna kolekcja


the touch of blooming dream

Get inspired by the colors of spring…

in your manicure! Bet on freshness, saturation and delight! Paint a real spring on your nails with our new collection.

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baner kolory wiosny

Colour of collection:

Kolor 121
Kolor 122
Kolor 123
Kolor 124
Kolor 125
Kolor 126
Kolor 127
Kolor 128
Kolor 129
Kolor 130
Kolor 131
Kolor 132

More information:

  • perfect coverage
  • excellent adhesion
  • flexibility; nail polish expands and shrinks along with the nail plate, it is resistant to temperature change, it does not crack or break
  • even application without smudges
  • intensive shine and colours for 21 days or more
  • covering up small irregularities in nail plates
  • high resistance to scratches and chipping
  • optimal density
  • self-levelling properties
  • innovative 12-free-of formula without: HEMA, di-HEMA Trimethylhexyl Dicarbamate, triphenyl phosphate, formaldehyde resin, ethyl tosylamide, formaldehyde, fragrance, parabens, camphor, toluene, xylene, DBP

Watch the tutorial video:

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