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Żel Bb Gold

Builder Gel

It is a single-phase, self-leveling building gel with an innovative 12-free-of formula free of the strongest allergens and irritants. Inveray Builder Gel is designed for effortless sculpting different shapes of nails of any length. It is also great for hardening and strengthening the natural nail plate, which is weak and brittle, as well as for the extension of natural nails or the reconstruction of bitten/broken nails.

Builder Gel is a self-leveling product and is viscous enough to prevent it from flowing onto the cuticles. Under the influence of the heat of the hand, the gel becomes even more plastic and it is easily spread with a brush, giving the nails the right shape. It hardens evenly and smoothly, without the formation of pores.

The cured gel is susceptible to filing, which saves time on developing the appropriate shape of the nail, and at the same time, during filing no air pockets are formed on the prepared edges.


Colour palette:










Właściwości Żelu Clear transparentna
Właściwości Żelu Bialego transparentna
Właściwości Żelu Natural transparentna
Właściwości Żelu Pink transparentna
Właściwości Żelu Warm transparentna
Właściwości Żelu BB Gold transparentna
Właściwości Żelu BB Silver transparentna
Właściwości Żelu French Pink
Właściwości Żelu Milky White

More information:

  • self-leveling, viscous product
  • plastic
  • optimal density
  • evens out minor imperfections of the nail plate
  • after curing in a UV/LED lamp, it does not deform
  • easy filing
  • resistant to damage
  • flexible; the gel works with the nail plate, is resistant to temperature changes, does not crack or break
  • innovative 12-free-of formula- does not contain allergenic substances such as: HEMA, di-HEMA Trimethylhexyl Dicarbamate, triphenyl phosphate, formaldehyde resin, ethyl tosylamide, formaldehyde, fragrance, parabens, camphor, toluene, xylene, DBP
  • possibility of clamping / making a tunnel
  • suitable for extensions on the nail form
  • also suitable for the “no filing” method
Żele do wzmocnienia naturalnej płytki paznokcia oraz przedłużania paznokci.
żel budujący co to jest, żel budujący do czego służy

Application method:

    1. After processing the cuticles and the nail plate and degreasing it with a Cleaner and Nail Prep, apply a thin layer of Inveray UV / LED Base Coat Cement Gluing with a rubbing motion to increase the adhesion of the product to the nail plate.
    2. Place the nail extension template / mold so that it adheres properly to the nail.
    3. Using a brush, spread a thin layer of builder gel on the nail plate and on the template, forming a skeleton and cure under the lamp according to the table below.
    4. Apply another layer of builder gel on the nail plate, shape appropriately, then cure in the UV / LED lamp, after 15 seconds, remove the hand from under the lamp and clamp the gel into a tunnel, then cure again according to the table below.
    5. Wipe the dispersion layer and use a file to shape the nails.
    6. Apply the selected color of Inveray gel polish or immediately Top Coat to leave the natural color of the gel and cure under the lamp according to the table below.

At the end, apply a drop of the selected elixir on the cuticles, and also under the nail (when extending on a natural plate), which will additionally strengthen it when gel polish stylization is on.

Builder Gels - Curing

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