The art of autumn beauty

Autumn is an artist which paints leaves on trees and gives the world a unique colours. 

Like Fangor or Munk – creates real works of art.

Become an artist just like autumn and paint real works of art on your nails.


Summertime freshness

Holiday vibe!
What else do you need to be happy? Oh….yes…to make the holiday experience to last forever. Let’s keep the summer time of Inveray always hot…

…and completely filled with the golden sunsets azure sky or intense color of the grass.


Marry me with Inveray

A wedding is a special day in the life of every woman…
so on this perfect day, choose the perfect INVERAY quality! Our wedding collection of 14 gel polishes “Marry me with INVERAY” allows for an unlimited number of manicure ideas! From subtle, delicate stylizations to madness with glitter in the lead role.

For the bride, bridesmaids, mother, grandmother and friends.


Celestia: Shades of Soul and Nature

In the ‘Celestia: Shades of Soul and Nature’ collection, there’s a magic that transports us into the realm of mystical beauty and pristine harmony. It’s a philosophy hidden in each shade, inspiring the pursuit of balance and tranquility in both our inner selves and the surrounding world. This extraordinary journey, initiated on the nails, ventures deep into our hearts, reminding us of the enchanting connection between the soul and nature.


from Inveray with love

All it takes is one second…
to lose yourself in all the depths of love. Express your love with Inveray Valentine’s Day collection! Fall in love with Inveray.

Fall in love with colours!


Shine bright like Inveray

Glitter, sparkle, madness…
this is the perfect recipe for a carnival manicure! Discover the most fashionable colors of INVERAY gel polishes that will add sparkle to January days and nights.

We know you will not be able to resist them!