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Do you do manicures with a UV/LED lamp? Use Intensive Rebuilding Serum with a high content of marine bamboo.

Bambus 02

Do you do manicures with a UV/LED lamp? Use Intensive Rebuilding Serum with a high content of marine bamboo. 

Nail stylists working with Inveray products when performing a gel polish or gel manicure protect the hand skin from UV and HEV radiation from the UV/LED lamp with Intensive Rebuilding Serum.

There are no incidental ingredients in the formulation of Intensive Rebuilding Serum, they are all well thought out and composed to intensify each other’s properties. An innovative combination of antioxidant and lipophilic vitamins A, E and C, with marine bamboo extract forming a protective shield against blue rays, contributes to brightening and illuminating hyperpigmentation and restoring the skin’s youthful appearance. Liquid shea butter, squalane and safflower oil tenderly envelop the hands leaving them soft, properly nourished and regenerated.

With daily application, the skin regains an even tone and becomes naturally glowing. The serum is water-free and can therefore be used regularly throughout the year. It stimulates the delicate hand skin to recover faster, improving its appearance, and when applied to the nail plate it strengthens it.

During a manicure treatment, apply Intensive Rebuilding Serum to the skin on the hands to protect it from the harmful blue light from UV/LED lamps. When to apply it? After processing  the cuticles and matting the nail plate, before degreasing nail plate with Cleaner and Inveray Nail Prep. Simply apply a few drops of the product to the cuticles avoiding the nails, massage in and wait until it is completely absorbed.

o prevent the penetration of UV and HEV light and counteract the accelerated photo-ageing process of the hand skin, we recommend that the serum is applied daily, several times a day. Thanks to its luxurious fragrance composition, which contains notes of pomegranate fruit, orchid, lotus flower, musk, mahogany, the serum becomes a pleasure to use.

serum przeciwstarzeniowe
serum do dłoni

The harmful effects of UV light and HEV on the skin of the hands. Why is it necessary to protect against them?

Every day, our skin is exposed to many harmful external factors that contribute to premature skin ageing. One of these is sunlight, as well as artificial light emitted by screens, televisions and laptops, among others. With the increase in popularity of hybrid and gel manicure treatments, another light emitter, the UV/LED lamp, has arrived. When performing a treatment with light-curing products, care must be taken to protect the skin from UV and HEV radiation. Any contact with this light accelerates the skin’s photo-ageing process.

In developing Inveray products, we have taken care of comprehensive skin and nail care right from the gel polish and gel manicure stage . Our 98% natural Intensive Rebuilding Serum and Elixirs (Repair, Moisturising, Nourishing) contain a unique ingredient, marine bamboo, which has a salutary effect on skin that comes into contact with sunlight and blue light emitting devices (smartphone screens, computers, televisions, LED lighting). It blocks the penetration of this radiation, which is the most harmful to our skin, and thus stops it from damaging the collagen and elastin fibres that affect the appearance of our hands. In addition, it has an anti-ageing and firming effect, as well as smoothing and toning the skin and boosting collagen production.

Let’s start by understanding the types of radiation and their effects on the skin.

We divide sunlight into three types: UV light (ultraviolet light), visible light (including High Energy Visible Light (HEV light), and IR light (infrared light).

In the case of sunlight, HEV light occurs quite naturally. However, it is now also produced artificially and used in the screens of smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktop computers and TVs, among others.

Chronic exposure to blue light significantly accelerates the ageing process. High-energy blue light (HEV) triggers so-called oxidative stress, thereby causing damage to skin cells. HEV radiation penetrates the skin more deeply than equally dangerous UV radiation. It is worth noting that both types of light are found in UV/LED lamps for the curing of gel polishes or builder gels.

Side effects of exposure to UV light and HEV – oxidative stress

The main effect of exposure to UV and HEV light is oxidative stress. Blue light radiation, which penetrates deeply into the skin of the hands, generates free radicals, which in turn cause skin cells to produce enzymes that break down collagen and elastin. As these increase, free radicals multiply and antioxidant levels are no longer high enough to counteract the damaging effects of the former. One effect of the resulting oxidative stress is premature ageing of the skin.  In addition to the formation of wrinkles , UV and HEV light can lead to the appearance of skin discolouration. This is because it causes hyperpigmentation, a disruption of the process responsible for maintaining the correct colour of the skin, hair and eyes.

Bambus morski 02
Bambus morski 01

Marine bamboo – the master of anti-photo-ageing protection. The only such ingredient in the world

Marine BambooTM   is an active ingredient enriched with fucosterol and carotenoids extracted from a plant that grows in the deep ocean: Himanthalia elongata. In the INCI, it can be found under the name: Caprylic/capric triglycerides – Himanthalia elongata extract.

Himanthalia elongata (marine bamboo) is a plant that grows in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea and has developed the ability to protect itself from the extremely harmful blue light that reaches it. It is the fucosterol and carotenoids it contains that play a key role in neutralising the damaging effects of oxidative stress caused by UV and HEV light.

no marine bamboo

Ageing associated with oxidative stress such as multilateral exposure to light (UV, HEV blue light, type A infrared) and pollutants causes the breakdown of these valuable contacts and thus a decrease in the contractile forces of fibroblasts. The reduction in contractile forces of fibroblasts results in the collapse of fibroblasts leading to premature skin ageing and the formation of wrinkles. This oxidative reaction triggers a new stimulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which in turn contributes to the overproduction of metalloproteinase 1 (MMP1). A cascade reaction known as the ‘vicious ageing cycle’ is triggered. Marine bamboo interrupts this critical skin photo-ageing mechanism.

Marine bamboo combats the damaging effects of photo-ageing on the skin caused by UV and HEV light and pollution, thanks to its active effect on the restoration and protection of the contractile forces of fibroblasts. It also has an absorbing effect on UV and HEV light, thus blocking its penetration into the hands. It protects against the accelerated ageing process, neutralises skin discolouration and prevents the formation of new ones.  Marine amboo firms as well as tones the skin.

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